Have You done the Root Cause Analysis of your Hair fall yet??

Let us be very clear, the reasons for hair fall are many…different for all. There is never a single size fits all solution for even two different persons. Let us try to decode the few:

The ones , there is no natural way of cure

  • Hereditary: – You need a Proper Medication for that.
  • Change in Location:- Look out for a doctor and try to find out the best solution
  • Stress: – The solution for it is to avoid taking stress and be relaxed. No medication or Natural herbs will help you out in this. Meditation & Yoga would surely help you out to distress though.
  • Allergy from some natural anti-hair fall products:- Do some research about them and avoid them.


The ones , there is no better way than taking natural & organic care

  • Weak Hair Follicles since Childhood.
  • Have used excessive artificial/ synthetic products ( full of SLS, Parabens, Silicones)
  • Your Scalp lack Nourishment/ Nutrients or Natural Oils or Keratins

Before Hopping on to the Natural Solutions, It is every individual’s responsibility to do the Root Cause Analysis of his/her Hair fall.

Now let us discuss Few Natural Oils that you must look out for while going out for any Anti-Hair fall Oil or Shampoo for proper Hair Nourishment and enhanced strength of Hair Follicles:-

Red Onion Oil: It Prevents Hair fall and is an effective agent in making hair soft and bouncy.

Sunflower Oil: It moisturizes the hair and reduces hair thinning.

Vitamin E: It increases the blood flow to the hair scalp and reduces split ends.

Bhringraj Oil: It helps in reducing hair fall.

Jojoba Oil: It helps in reducing hair fall and promoting hair thickness.

Sesame Oil: It has antibacterial and antifungal properties to keep the scalp healthy.

Gudahal Oil (Hibiscus Oil): It is rich in Vitamin C and hence is great for hair growth.

Brahmi Oil: It brings shine to hair.

Amla Oil: It prevents hair loss and premature hair graying.

Aloe Vera Extract: It super conditions your hair and nourishes your scalp.

Rosemary Extract: It promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall.

Olive Oil: It moisturizes the scalp and hence helps in preventing dandruff.