Our Story

"Every brand starts with an idea and Mohit Mathur’s was to just start a brand that was different from the rest. With several skincare brands working on the principles of Ayurveda, Mohit wanted to start something that was more. As a Student of Chemical Technology, Mohit found a way to combine ancient Ayurveda with Modern Science with the added goodness of Dead Sea Salts.

Chauth & Nagsan’s values are different as its name. Suggested by Mohit’s grandfather, our name is based on local deities who protect us from evil. Based on this concept, we have created our brand with a vision to protect the body from the evils of skin & hair problems. We believe that taking care of our body is essentially all about keeping our skin & hair healthy, nourished and protected. To us, it is a sacred ritual.

Being a modern day’s brand, backed up by traditions and heritage, we understand the importance of natural skincare. We understand that the Indian Skincare Industry has dived into the market of organic ingredients and our consumers have caught on the trend. But we, as a brand, aim to go beyond the ongoing natural ingredients to test out the market with one of the world’s oldest weapons of beauty and skincare, Dead Sea Salts.

Dead Sea Salts are like the power weapon in treating and conditioning skin and hair as they are infused with the goodness of over 21 minerals. These salts work on healing and nourishing the body in a way that it becomes healthier, softer and younger. Since our product line is based on the Dead Sea Salts, we make no compromise on quality. We import these salts and mud directly from Israel and all other ingredients of our products are 100% natural, organic and vegan.